Welcome to the first Acrylic University Member Showcase. We are exceedingly proud of and celebrate all our members' work. For those who entered the show, thank you for being courageous and putting yourself out there. We love your creative work! And congratulations to the winners!

Originals - 1st Place - Lydia Crouch - "Fine Dining"

Originals - 2nd Place - Raquel Roth - "Flamenco"

Lessons - 1st Place - Trish Jodoin - "Fall Vineyard"

Lessons - 2nd Place - Aarti Iyer - "Wooded Glenn"

Best Beginner Painting - Doug Greenman - "Tranquil Evening"

Thank you to everyone who has come here as a friend, supporter, or art lover. Please join us as we celebrate these wonderful paintings by these wonderful people!

Would you like to see what the winners will receive?

Click on Image to View Paintings

Click on Image to View Paintings

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