Don't feel like you are reaching your painting goals? Need feedback on your paintings? Feel like you are stuck? Spinning your wheels? Don't know if your painting is finished? You need guidance from someone who knows!


Dianna Shyne is offering her expertise to artists who would like specific feedback on their artwork. So how does it work? You send her 2-3 images of paintings that you need help with. Share with her your areas of struggle and your goals. She will record a critique for you and either provide you with a Zoom link or send it to you on email for review. The critique will be approximately 20 minutes long and will be packed full of her expert advice on your particular work. Your critique will be completed within 14 days.


Check out sample critique on video (above)! We wanted you to have a chance to see what a critique would look like so Dianna created this video for you! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and watch this 30 minute example (and learn something new!)


After making your purchase Dianna will contact you to get the process started.


Dianna Shyne has over 40 years of painting experience and 20+ years of teaching students. She is skilled in breaking down and simplifying complicated concepts. By following Dianna's methods her students make rapid progress toward their artistic goals and dreams. She is knowledgeable about acrylics and oils.


These critiques are available to both Acrylic Members and non-members.

Painting Critiques w/ Dianna Shyne

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