Have you been painting for awhile and feel like you are stuck? Maybe you want some personal feedback and direction from someone you can trust. This is so hard to find but it could be transformational for you as an artist! We are creating an opportunity for you to have individual instruction from a professional artist. Dianna Shyne has spots open for new students this fall! 


Dianna has over 40 years of painting experience and 20+ years of teaching students. She is skilled in breaking down and simplifying complicated concepts. By following Dianna's methods her students make rapid progress toward their artistic goals and dreams. She provides instruction in both acrylics and oils.


Sessions are one month long and include one-on-one conversations, goal-setting, and individualized lessons that are tailored to you. Each week you will receive a lesson on email that will address your specific growth areas, hone your skills, and guide you on new paths. You will also have a private 30 minute critique each week using Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger. 


After your payment has been processed you will receive a personal email from Dianna. She will guide you along the process starting with:

  1. A review of 3 samples of your work.
  2. A review of your painting goals and areas of desired growth.*


This is a really amazing opportunity. Dianna has a limited number of spots so reserve yours soon! Individual instruction is available for Acrylic University members and non-members.


"I've been working with Dianna Shyne, and I have learned so much!! Before I would have struggled to leave all the loose, undefined bits, but now I finding so much joy in them!!"

Dorena P


"Dianna has a rare ability to work with everyone from beginners to skilled professional artists in a way that accepts where they are on their artistic journey and helps them take the next step on that journey.  She has a gift for explaining artistic concepts clearly, in a way that makes me say, “Aha! Now I understand it.” Cythnia R.


"I love Dianna’s warm, friendly manner and her kindness.  She puts students at ease and provides them with the resources they need to follow their own path and develop their own unique style as artists."  Colleen O. 


"Dianna teaches more than art! She teaches how to see, how to interpret what you see, how to discern what you see, in other words she gives her students the ability to activate their “art” brain." John Hadly Jr.


* If Dianna feels that another coach would be more beneficial for you she will let you know and we will discuss other options.



Individual Instruction w/ Dianna Shyne

  • Payments for this amazing opportunity are non-refundable.

    Space is limited so reserve your spot now!

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